At UGS we care about the individual

We care about the individual and their quality of lifestyle and are committed to helping our clients finance and achieve their goals whether those goals are financing a house purchase or an education, starting a business, or saving for the future. For our clients in their twilight years we work with them as individuals to maintain independence in their home or apartment, or to facilitate the transition to more appropriate health and residential care. At UGS it’s all about individually tailoring our approach to the needs of our clients.

We use well-established investment agencies and advisers to manage funds under our supervision and monitoring. We balance and tailor investment plans for each client to the investment patterns and expectations, income, needs, estate considerations, personal values and tolerance for risk. The investment vehicles used include federally insured deposits, certificate of deposit, mutual funds and individual stocks and bonds. We manage real estate holdings on behalf of clients, including sale, purchase and property rental.